Fun Outdoor Portrait Photography Braintree & Halstead

Although I have labelled this as a ‘portrait shoot’ it was actually photographed using two models. However the style of posing and photography used easily represents that which could be used for an engagement shoot. It would also be ideal for a pre wedding shoot or a very stylish portrait shoot for a boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, partners etc.

The images were all taken during a day spent with Jeff Turnbull ( aimed at producing natural light environmental portraiture and all were taken around the Braintree area of Essex.

The two models are the very beautiful Beth, who was absolutely fantastic, I’m sure you will agree she looks stunning in all of her shots and her real life boyfriend, the very dashing Frazer.

If you are interested in having some great portraits of yourself, your family or a loved one then contact me now for further information. People love photographs, so why not include some with your Christmas cards and share them with all your friends and family, or for a very special present arrange to have a large framed print or canvas wrap.

Contact me via my web site at or phone me on 01787 474923 for more information. Act now Christmas is getting close and booking are going fast.

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Outdoor Portrait

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Environmental Portrait

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Location Portrait

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Umbrella Portrait

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Umbrella Portrait

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Umbrella Portrait

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Having fFun

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Romantic Black & White Portrait

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Fun Outdoor Portrait

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Colour v Black & White? Love Them Both!

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Natural Light Portrait

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Beautiful Outdoor Portrait

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Beautiful Outdoor Portraits


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