Photojournalism Essex  - Tony Sale Photography

Photojournalism Essex|Press Photography. I was sitting at home a few days ago amidst the recent fall of snow when I received a call from Newsquest Media asking if there was any chance I could get some ‘nice’ snowy images for them, for use in local papers. It was great to be asked and I welcomed the chance to get out and take some photo’s; the only problem was I didn’t get the call until almost

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Photojournalism - Photographing events in Halstead Essex

Halstead Essex – Annual Remembrance Service & Parade On Sunday 8th November I was commissioned by the Newsquest Media Group to photograph the Remembrance Parade in Halstead Essex. The images produced were to be used in local papers within the Braintree / Halstead district. Being an ex serviceman and having served in campaigns in both Dhofar (Oman) and Northern Ireland I am used to attending such parades and in recent years have attended in an

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