Engagement Portrait Photography.

A few days ago I did a pre wedding photo shoot with Jo and James, a delightful couple, who live in Herne Hill in London. The shoot took place in a nearby park, Clare Country Park in Suffolk, and although the weather was a bit dull and somewhat on the cold side we all had great fun and a really fantastic time.

A pre wedding photo shoot is a great opportunity for the bride and groom and the photographer to get to know each other and to get used to working with each other before the ‘big day’. It also gives the couple a chance to relax and enjoy the pleasure of being photographed in a completely stress free environment. Jo and James both said that they totally enjoyed the afternoon and that they both now felt much more at ease about being photographed on the wedding day.

In addition, Jo and James will now chose one of the photographs from the shoot to be made into a framed ‘photo board’ which will be on display at the wedding reception, all of the guests will be invited to sign the board and leave their comments and best wishes.

A pre wedding photo shoot in Clare Country Park with Jo & James

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Romantic Portrait Photography


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A Beautiful Portrait of Jo & James in Clare Country Park


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Jo & James Under a Tree


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Looking So Natural Together


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A Beautiful Portrait of Jo


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A Handsome Portrait of James


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Looking Good


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A Tender Moment


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Portrait Photography in Suffolk


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Bank Job


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Relaxing on the Bench


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Love the Colours


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Beautiful Portrait Photography Clare in Suffolk


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On the Right Tracks


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Beautiful Portrait


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Beautiful Engagement Photography


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Beautiful Engagement Photography


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Jo and James you were both fantastic, I looking forward very much to photographing your wedding in August.

(PS. James as promised I didn’t say anything about you being sensitive about your hands!) (ooop’s)

Pre wedding photo shoots are one of the things I love about being a wedding photographer,If you want to find out more about my wedding photography or pre wedding photo shoots phone me now on 01787 474923 or contact me via my web site at www.tonysalephotography.co.uk


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