Apr 212010

Wedding Photography Great Yeldham in Essex.

I love being an Essex wedding photographer and here’s a reason why, I was very fortunate recently to photograph Heather & Pat’s wedding, this was a civil ceremony and both the ceremony and the reception took place at the White Hart Hotel a beautiful wedding venue at Great Yeldham in North Essex.

They were a fantastic couple and were great to work with, as were the four children and indeed all of their guests. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a good time.

It was a beautiful sunny day which added to the great atmosphere and people were able to enjoy a nice relaxing drink out in the gardens. It was really good for me too, as the last couple of weddings I have been involved with the weather has been awful and most of the photography done indoors, which is great but it’s nice to get out side too.

For those of you that attended the wedding or are friends of Heather or Pat, then ask them for the ‘code’ and you can then access all of the photographs in a private gallery on my main web site. www.tonysalephotography.co.uk


Heather & Pat’s White Hart Wedding.

wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_001 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Groom & His Best Man


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_002 Follow Me on Pinterest

Beautiful Bride


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_003 Follow Me on Pinterest

Page Boy & Flower Girl


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_004 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Wedding Ceremony


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_005 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Wedding Ceremony


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_006 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Exchange of Rings


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_007 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Wedding Ceremony


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_008 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Wedding Ceremony


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_009 Follow Me on Pinterest

Bridesmaid, Page Boys & Flower Girl


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_010 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Wedding Ceremony


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_011 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Bride & Groom Outside The White Hart


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_012 Follow Me on Pinterest

Bride & Groom With The Bride’s Girlfriends


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_013 Follow Me on Pinterest

Portrait Of The Bride


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_014 Follow Me on Pinterest

Children Having Fun at the Wedding Reception


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_015 Follow Me on Pinterest



wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_016 Follow Me on Pinterest

Bride & Her Friends


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_017 Follow Me on Pinterest

Wedding Guest


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_018 Follow Me on Pinterest

Wedding Guest


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_020 Follow Me on Pinterest

Bride & Groom


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_021 Follow Me on Pinterest

Bride & Groom


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_022 Follow Me on Pinterest

First Dance

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