Nov 142009
Husband and Wife Portrait Photography

Husband & Wife Studio Portrait Photography. I have photographed Jimmy on a previous occasion and he was extremely pleased with the final images. So pleased that he subsequently commissioned me to photograph him again this time together with his wife Lori. They opted for studio shots as they like the semi formal bright clean finished look….and apart from that it was very cold and wet outside! Jimmy and Lori are Sri Lanken and during the

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Oct 092009
Family Portrait Photography Braintree & Halstead

Brother & Sister – Family Portrait. Birthday Portrait Daniel & Corrina are brother and sister and wanted some nice photographs together as a birthday presents for their mum. They specifically wanted them to be done in the studio rather than an outdoor environmental portraits. We had a great time shooting in the home studio and they were very pleased with the selection of images produced. I have subsequently spoken with their mum and she loves

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