Aug 232016
Location Portraits Braintree.

Location Portraits Braintree with Jeff. This series of portraits were actually shot a couple of years back at Andrewsfield airfield near Great Dunmow. Jeff is actually a good friend of mine, a fellow photographer and a very keen cyclist, perhaps even more so now than he was then. He wanted some action shots of him with his bike, so off we set to have some fun. It’s great to take portrait photographs of someone whilst

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Jan 252016
Location Portrait - why I love this photograph

Location Portrait – why I love this photograph. This portrait was taken on a warm summers evening shooting into the light / sun. This gives it a beautiful soft feel with a nice glow behind the model and the grass in the background. This is actually a very flattering light, particularly good for photographing women as it leaves the skin looking very smooth with little sign of any blemishes or wrinkles. The image was shot

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Mar 292010
Baby portraits - Kian 2

Family Portrait Photography Halstead Essex The last time I photographed Kian he was not feeling too well. It was shortly before Christmas, he was teething and had patches of dry red skin on his face. He was tearful, grumpy and miserable (and I think I would be too). Although, on that occasion, we did get some nice photographs I thought we could do better. So I asked mum, Abi, to bring him back in the

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Feb 222010
Family Portrait Photography Gosfield | Halstead

Family Portrait Photography Gosfield I recently photographed Katie (aged 3) together with her glamorous grandma Jesse. At the time of the shoot Katie was actually only two, but it was her 3rd birthday 5 days later. She had never been photographed formally before and so I expected her to be a little shy / apprehensive. I therefore wanted to keep the shoot as informal and fun as I could. I had hoped for some nice

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Oct 092009
Dave and his Harley

Portrait Photography – Dave on his Harley Davidson. I have only just started my blog and am keen to get some photo’s up here I thought I would show some images from my last three shoots. This one I have called, ‘Dave and his Harley’. I had previously done some family portrait photographs of Dave together with his wife and young son. After the shoot and whilst showing them my portfolio Dave saw a photo

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