Portrait Photography – Dave on his Harley Davidson.

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Dave & his Harley Davidson

I have only just started my blog and am keen to get some photo’s up here I thought I would show some images from my last three shoots. This one I have called, ‘Dave and his Harley’. I had previously done some family portrait photographs of Dave together with his wife and young son. After the shoot and whilst showing them my portfolio Dave saw a photo I had taken of a biker posing with his motorcycle, as soon as he saw it Dave said, ‘that’s it I want some pictures like that’. The shoot went ahead about a week later.

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Dave on his Harley

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Black & White Harley Davidson

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Harley Davidson – Action

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Dave & his Harley

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Dave on his Harley


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  1. [...] Some time back I did a photo shoot of Dave on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Dave who lives in Halstead had seen some portraits I had done for his friend Ian on his motorcycle at Gosfield Airfield, he was so impressed that he insisted that he wanted some too. This is one of my favourites from the shoot and further images can be seen here [...]


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