Pre wedding photo shoot at Chapel Viaduct

This was the first occasion I had used Chapel Viaduct as a location for a pre wedding photo shoot, though I have driven past it and visited the area many many times.

It’s an excellent location and it just happened to be perfect for my shoot with Nikki and Tim, they live in Colchester, so it’s about mid-way between them and where I live in Gosfield.

We met there around 6.00 in the evening, it was a little cold and it was trying to rain, though it was summer and the sun did keep showing it’s smiling face – hence the T shirts.


A pre wedding photo shoot with Nikki & Tim Follow Me on Pinterest

I think it’s fair to say that Nikki was more than a little nervous about the shoot and in fact she had cancelled a previous arrangement because had worried so much about it. That is not a problem, and in some ways it’s exactly the reason for having a pre wedding photo shoot.

As I explained to Nikki and Tim, it’s an excellent way to get to know each other and to feel more relaxed in each other’s company, it also gives me opportunity to give them some tips on how to relax and look natural whilst being photographed. That way when we meet again on the wedding day, they are much more likely to see me as a friend, to feel more at ease and enjoy the photographic experience.


The dramatic pillars of Chappel Viaduct Follow Me on Pinterest

Chappel Viaduct Pre wedding photo shoot Follow Me on Pinterest

some great poses from Nikki Follow Me on Pinterest

Romantic times as Nikki & Tim hug  Follow Me on Pinterest

Dramatic b&w portrait of Tim Follow Me on Pinterest

b&w portrait of Tim & Nikki Follow Me on Pinterest

I am so pleased that they came along to the shoot at Chapel; Nikki really had been getting herself in worked up for no reason. Although she was a little nervous at first she very quickly relaxed and seemed very much at ease, just look at the photo’s she looks natural pretty relaxed and  she’s really having some fun on that swing, Tim was brilliant too.

Playing around on the swings & roundabouts Follow Me on Pinterest

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