A few days ago I was re organising images on my computer and came across a cute selection of our dog, Bo’. Her full name is actually Boudicca a beautiful black and tan Cockapoo.

They were taken when she was only a few months old, it was her very first winter and we had absolutely loads of snow, not like this year, hardly any at all.

Anyway I thought the photos looked so cute I would share a few of them with you.

I love taking photographs  as you know Tony Sale Photography specialises in Essex wedding photography but when I’m not doing that I spend a lot of time photographing family and friends, including Bo!


Cockapoo in the snow Follow Me on Pinterest

Black and tan Cockapoo in the snow_02 Follow Me on Pinterest

Black and tan Cockapoo in the snow_03 Follow Me on Pinterest


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Tony is the owner of Tony Sale Photography a much sought after wedding and portrait photographer based in Essex. He is known for his particular style of putting couples at ease and of mixing traditional, documentary and artistic genres to ensure the perfect capture of your special day.
He is also a great lover of coffee so if you fancy discussing your wedding or portrait photography over an Americano, Flat White, Skinny Latte or whatever else is going do get in touch – phone 01787 474923 or email tony@tonysalephotography.co.uk
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