Family Portrait Photography Essex

Last week in my role as portrait photographer I photographed baby Ava May together with her mum Lauren and Dad Aaron, (who, I have to say, were all very well behaved).

Ava May is such a sweet little baby and was a great pleasure to photograph; we even got the odd smile now and then, (or was it just wind?) Lauren bought her a few changes of clothes and this helped to keep the session going and to give some additional variety to the final images.

It’s important when photographing babies to allow plenty of time, to work at a steady pace and to take plenty of breaks. Ava – May was quite hungry / thirsty on the day and we stopped four or five times whilst she drank her bottle of milk and also whilst she had a nappy change. (Did I mention that she also wee’d over Aaron!)?

At Tony Sale photography portrait photo session can either be completed in the home studio, at the clients home or else at a nice location outside such as a park, the coast or even the zoo. Unlike many high street studio’s there is no rush. Sessions can run from 1 -2 hours or even longer if necessary. The emphasis is putting everyone at ease and capturing some truly great photographs.

Family Portrait Photography Essex with Lauren, Aaron and Ava May. (Selected Images)

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Tiny Little Feet – So Cute!

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Beautiful Baby Portrait – Black & White

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Beautiful Baby Portrait

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Lauren & Ava May – Mum & Baby

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Lauren & Ava May – Mother & Baby

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Aaron – Male Portrait

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Tiny Hands – So Cute

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Baby Portrait – Beautiful Ava May

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Aaron & Ava May – Beautiful Father & Daughter Portrait

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Sleeping Baby Portrait

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Beautiful Black & White Portrait of Ava May

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Aaron & Ava May


I hope you enjoted the images, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

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