A few weeks back I photographed an assignment for the children’s charity Brainwave. The occasion was one of their major fund raising events, ‘A Question of Sport’ Gala Dinner held at the May Fair hotel in London.

This was an exceptional event, extremely well organised and very well attended by sponsors, supporters, friends and families. The evening consisted of a red carpet welcome, a drinks reception a sumptuous three course meal (which I’m pleased to say I got to enjoy as well). Interspersed with a raffle an auction and a number of interactive table games.

The main attraction of course though was the ‘Question of Sport’ contest which featured a number of sporting celebrities, former England Rugby Union player and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant, Austin Healey, former England cricket player and co host of the radio show ‘Talk Sport’, Ronnie Irani, Hull City footballer George Boateng and former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder John Pratt.

The evening was full on entertainment and fun. It was enjoyed by everyone who went and raised thousands of pounds to support a first class children’s charity, Brainwave.

About Brainwave

Brainwave offers home based therapy to children aged from 6 months -12 years of age who have Development Delay and disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and Autism. After a two-day Initial Assessment the therapists devise a structured exercise therapy Programme to suit the individual needs of each child. They then show the parents how to do this therapy at home. They also offer advice and support to families in any way they can. Contact: Brainwave Children’s Therapy Centre, Beechen House, Rear of 16 Newland Street, Witham, Essex CM8 2AQ Tel: 01376 505290/ 503608; Email: enquiriesse@brainwave.org.uk

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Austin Healey chats to two young children present Follow Me on Pinterest

Austin Healey at the Brainwave Question of Sport Gala Dinner at the London May Fair hotel

Austin Healey chats to two young children present

Rugby International Austin Healey at the Brainwave Question of Sport Gala Dinner at the London May Fair hotel

Guest at the Gala Dinner

Guests enjoy a pre dinner drinks reception

George Boateng chats with guests and friends

George Boateng chats with guests and friends at the Question of Sport Gala Dinner

Brainwave staff enjoy a welcome drink with invited celebrities.

John Pratt, George Boateng, Austin Healey, Christine Cryne (Brainwave), Phil Austin (Brainwave) and Ronnie Irani,

Question of Sport compare

The master of ceremonies and compare for the evening

Guests enjoy dinner Follow Me on Pinterest

Guests enjoy the Gala Dinner

Contestants on stage

The final four contestants in the ‘hands up or hands down’ competition.

The winner with George Boateng

The winner of the competition receives her prize from George Boateng

John Pratt presents the champaign

Winner of the ‘table quiz’ receives a bottle of champaign from John Pratt

Ronnie Irani presents a prize

Ronnie Irani presents a signed photograph of the ‘Arsenal’

Austin Healey presents a prize

Austin Healey presents a bottle of champaign and takes the rise out of the winners tie!s

Mother of a Brainwave user gives a speech

A mother who’s son receives treatment from Brainwave gives an impassioned speech about the virtues of the organisation and about the wonderful treatment and care he receives.

Ronnie Irani Follow Me on Pinterest

Ronnie Irani listens intently and is moved by her speech

Man listening and thinking

Others to were clearly moved as they listened carefully to the message she gave

Man sitting at the table enjoying the Gala Dinner at the May Fair hotel

Listening intently

Austin Healey Follow Me on Pinterest

Austin Healey up there a raring to go for ‘A Question of Sport’

Ronnie Irani and John Pratt

Ronnie Irani, John Pratt and one of the main sponsors make one of the teams

George Boateng and Austin Healey

George Boateng and Austin Healey and one of the main sponsors make up one of the teams

Ronnie Irani

Players watch the screen intently as the competition hots up.

George Boateng

George Boateng ‘in action’

Ronnie Irani

Ronnie Irani clearly knows the answer

John Pratt

John Pratt thinks he may know the answer

A Question of Sport

Guests enjoy the Gala Dinner, the fun and the banter as the teams battle it out.

Austin healey presents one last prize.

Austin Healey presents one last prize.

Ronnie Irani

A guest who is training to climb Mount Everest to raise funds for Brainwave chats with Ronni Iranimeets

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