The Yorkshire Dales – Appletreewick.

My wife and I recently went on a brilliant short walking holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. We went with a company called HF Holidays and stayed at Newfield Hall in Malhamdale, I have to say it was first class; nice accommodation, lovely food and brilliant company.

During our stay we did two guided walks in small groups of about 12 people, the first walk we did was around ten miles long and started at the wonderfully named ‘Appletreewick’. It was about right in terms of challenge but also great fun; I have produced a few photos from the day below. Hope you like them, feel free to comment.

I will post some photos from the second days walk later.


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_001


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_002


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_003


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_004


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_005


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_006


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_007


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_008


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_009


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_010


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_011


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_012


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_013


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_014


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_015


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_016


Yorkshire Dales_Appletreewick_Tony Sale Photography_017

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Beautiful Portrait Photography.

I love to photograph people, whether they are formal portraits, family portraits or candid portraits at a wedding.

There’s no doubt about it, many guests at weddings spend a long thinking about and planning what they are going to wear. Then on the day of the wedding they spend a long time and are very particular about getting ready, savouring every moment (well maybe not all but most do).

The result is they look fantastic, perhaps the best they will ever look, (except perhaps when they get married themselves). Trust me I have photographed many many weddings and people look fantastic, the men and the ladies alike.

I usually take candid natural looking portraits but occasionally will also take some  control and add a little direction before taking the shot

Gorgeous Natural Light Portrait

Stunning natural light portrait of a wedding guest at Pontlands Park in Essex

To find out more about my wedding or portrait photography then please do get in touch, telephone 01787 474923 or use the ‘contact form here’.

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Sam and Luke’s Braintree Town Hall wedding.


This really was a remarkable wedding and a sheer joy to photograph, handmade wedding gown and bridesmaid’s dresses, handmade table decorations and even handmade flowers! And of course a gorgeous homemade wedding cake.

Sam is extremely artistic hence the abundance of handmade clothing and accessories, they also opted for the digital wedding photography package, as Sam also intends to design their own wedding album.


Wedding Photography Braintree Town Hall_The groom with his Best Man & ushers

The bride and her dad take a horse & carriage ride to Braintree Town Hall

A beautiful smile from the bride just before she enters the ceremony room

Add to this the wonderful horse and carriage ride to the ceremony and then afterwards to Braintree public gardens, complete with top hats and parasols they really did look amazing and there were lots of fantastic photo opportunities to be had.

Braintree Town Hall is a stunning wedding venue, one I would definitely recommend, seeped in history and full of charm and character.

The ceremony Braintree Town Hall

Sam & Luke get married at Braintree Town Hall

Signing the register - wedding ceremony at Braintree Town hall

Photos of the Bride & Groom

Bride and groom leave in a horse & carriage

Wedding Photography Braintree Town Hall

Wedding Photography Braintree and Bocking Gardens

Wedding photography in Braintree - Fun with the bridal party

The wedding reception at The White Hart in Braintree Town Centre

Wedding Photography Braintree

I got to know Sam and Luke a little bit over the course of their pre wedding shoot and on the wedding day itself, they really are a lovely couple and I would like to thank them for asking me to photograph their wedding and share their special day with them and also to wish them a very long and happy life together.

bride and groom at The White Hart

Romantic first dance

 I hope you liked the images if so please feel free to leave a comment below.

If you would like to find out more about my wedding photography then please do contact me for more information.

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Cycle Racing – Aviva Women’s Tour 2015.

On the 18th June the Aviva  ‘Women’s Tour’ cycle race passed through Halstead a town very close to where we live in north Essex. I couldn’t resist taking a little time out of my busy schedule to pop down and take a few photographs.

I had to be quick mind as they were through in a flash (about 20 seconds) they looked very impressive though and I managed to get a few half decent shots. Very inspirational athletes and definitely time well spent going along to watch. And support.

‪#‎Aviva ‪#‎Halstead ‪#‎WomensTour

Aviva Women's Tour_Tony Sale Photography_001


Aviva Women's Tour_Tony Sale Photography_002


Aviva Women's Tour_Tony Sale Photography_003


Aviva Women's Tour_Tony Sale Photography_004


Aviva Women's Tour_Tony Sale Photography_005


Aviva Women's Tour_Tony Sale Photography_006


Aviva Women's Tour_Tony Sale Photography_007

Aviva Women's Tour_Tony Sale Photography_008


Why not also check out photographs from the Tour de France as it passed through Wethersfield in Essex last year.

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