Baptism Photography in Colchester.

Last Sunday I photographed a baptism party in Colchester, it was a wonderful family event held at an excellent venue. ‘Firstsite’. It was a fairly low key affair attended by family and close friends. There was a very relaxed, very friendly atmosphere and there were a lot of children their having a lot of fun.

The parents had asked me to photograph the event so they would have some permanent memories to look back on in the years to come.

Today they received the images and this is what they said, I just got the pictures today. Thank you so much they are amazing!  My wife and I are really grateful and couldn’t be happier.

This is one of my favourite images from the day


If you are planning a family event, wedding, birthday, anniversary, christening, baptism or any other, then why not have it photographed professionally; capture those special moments that you then treasure for years to come for some

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Images from my visit to ‘Photo London’.


As a photographer I am always looking to improve in whatever way I can so as to take better and better images.

I may do this by keeping up to date with current styles and developments and also by getting out and practicing different lighting and posing techniques. However I think it’s also important to get out, look at and be inspired by other photographers work, whatever their genre.

I did this most recently with a trip to ‘Photo London’ a plethora of exhibitions and gallery displays at Somerset House on The Strand. I was also fortunate enough to attend a live interview with renowned documentary and war photographer Don McCullin which was truly excellent.

I had an absolutely fantastic day, I’m not sure ‘I got’ or liked everything I saw but it truly was inspirational to look at the sheer breadth and quality of genres, styles, mediums, interpretations etc etc. on display.

I very much enjoyed looking around the many galleries that were present and of course looking at the work of individual artists / photographers that those galleries represented. but I also like to watch the interaction of other visitors and their engagement with the event, I have included some of my images below.



Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_001


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_002


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_003


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_004


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_005


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_006


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_007


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_008


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_009


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_010


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_011


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_012


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_013


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_014

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Portrait Photography at Paper Mill Lock Chelmsford.

Just over a week ago I met up with Cassandra & Edward (Cassy & Ed) at Paper Mill Lock, Little Baddow near Chelmsford for a pre wedding portrait shoot.

Paper Mill Lock is actually a stunning location, very picturesque, situated on the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation. There you find not only the lock itself but river cruises, moored boats and the delightful Old Stable Tearooms.

Cassandra and Edward

Portrait photography in Chelmsford

Cassy & Ed at Papermill Lock

I actually went to check it out a few weeks previously and at that time not only was it beautiful but it was also quiet as well with very few people around. Ah! Not so on the day I met with Cassy & Ed, turns out to be a day when there was a sponsored walk in progress which passed right along that stretch of the river bank, it was absolutely packed! All the tearoom tables were full and there were people everywhere.

Cassy & Ed by Paper Mill Lock

Environmental photography Chelmsford

Riverside Photography

Beautiful portrait

Cassy & Ed at Paper Mill Lock

 It was still fun though and Cassy & Ed got a lot of attention, people curious to know why they were being photographed. In fact it was so bust that we often had to wait for people to pass by before we could shoot the images.

They both said they had a fantastic time and we definitely got some great images, I have produced a selection of them below, let me know what you think.

black and white image Cassy & Ed at Paper Mill Lock

Casey and Ed get married in July, with their ceremony at All saints’ Church in Stock and a reception at Pontlands Park,  I’m very much looking forward to seeing them again then and of course to photographing their wedding.

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Photographing a 70th Birthday Celebration.

This was an excellent evening and fantastic event to photograph, but it was also the wonderful testimonial that John’s wife, Ann, subsequently wrote that ensured I wrote a blog post to tell you all about it. This what she wrote:

“I was extremely fortunate to find Tony as I was looking for a photographer for my husband’s 70th birthday party and Tony came to the rescue with an appropriate package that fitted perfectly.
At all times Tony was contactable, which is a big deal I think and completely professional.
He was very attentive on the day and punctual.
He was easy to work with and the guests enjoyed his attention and he was not over intrusive.
The resulting pictures are stunning and I am emensly pleased.
I ordered all the photos as it was so difficult to choose specific ones and would definitely use his services again.
I highly recommend Tony for all your photographic needs and hope to use him again myself in the future.
Well done Tony and thank you very much.
You helped to make a special occasion even more memorable.”

Ann Webster

Here are a small selection of images from the evening:


Tony sale Photography_01 events, birthday, anniversary  Photography_02

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christinings photography

When Ann had a significant birthday a year or two back she also had a big party with all her family and friends to celebrate, however she didn’t have a professional photographer to record the event instead she relied on family and friends (party guests) to take some snaps.

Although she got some nice photos she didn’t really get the quality and range of images that she wanted and wished she had employed a professional. Hence this time round when John had a ‘Big One’ she asked me to record the occasion.

Tony sale Photography_05

The problem with relying on guests is that they don’t always have the skills to deal with changing and challenging lighting situations and more importantly they often too busy having a good time and enjoying themselves to step back and observe people and situations throughout the event.

photographing parties throughout Essex and Suffolk

It was a real pleasure to spend the evening with John & Ann and to photograph them and their guest as the evening progressed. It was also was also extremely rewarding to know that my photography and the quality of my services has been appreciated. Thanks you Ann.

Photographing events in Essex_Tony sale Photography

Photographing parties and events in Essex_Tony sale Photography

If you’re planning a family celebration such as a birthday party, wedding anniversary, christening, leaving party, welcome home party or whatever kind of event and you would like to secure some fantastic images to help relive the memories for many years to come then do get in touch. Contact me here.

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The beauty and splendour of natural window light.

Last weekend I visited Kentwell Hall in Long Melford Suffolk, it was one of their re-enactment days, a May Day celebration when they were all dressed and acting in a Tudor style, or as ‘Kentwell’ put it, ‘visitors immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of the 16th Century’

It really was a great atmosphere and a wonderful day, but I guess what impressed me the most, as a photographer, was the sheer quality of the light that was produced inside the house. Combined with the costumes of the day worn by many of the participants it allowed me to capture some wonderful photographs which to me and many others who have seen them look like paintings from some of the old masters.

The beauty and splendour of natural, directional, window light.

See what you think.

The Tudors at Kentwell _Tony Sale Photography

The Tudors - re-enactment at Kentwell Hall

Kentwell Hall _Tony Sale Photography

If you have never been to Kentwell Hall then I can definitely recommend a visit.

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First Communion Dresses in Halstead


I was recently asked by Lauren Jeffs at Nellamore-Bridalwear in Halstead to take some images of their new range of First Communion and Flower Girl dresses. I have photographed at Nellamore previously and I have to say they have some amazing dresses; Lauren is also such a lovely person I couldn’t help but say yes.

Lauren had also arranged for a young girl, Tally, to model the dresses, Tally did such a brilliant job, she is definitely a star in the making. Tally was there with her mum and after a very brief conversation it turns out they live in the same village as me and I actually know her dad having met him socially on a number of occasions. (What a small world eh!)

It all went really well and we shot in a number of different locations in Halstead including the bridalwear shop and the grounds of St Andrews Church. Lauren was really pleased with the results and I have to say so was I.

It was ‘first communion dresses’ for Lauren and ‘first time photographing first communion dresses’ for me.

Do check out they have some amazing dresses and accessories

I have reproduced a few images below; let me know what you think.

First Communion Dresses Essex_Tony Sale Photography_01 First Communion Dresses Essex First Communion Dresses Essex_Tony Sale Photography_03 First Communion Dresses Halstead First Communion Dresses Halstead  Essex First Communion Dresses Braintree  Essex_Tony Sale Photography First Communion Dress for the right occassion Wedding & First Communion dresses in Halstead Modeling her First Communion Dress First Communion Dresses Essex_Tony Sale Photography_10 First Communion Dresses_Tony Sale Photography Beautiful First Communion Dresses Halstead_Tony Sale Photography_12

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