Wow! What a romantic guy Ashley is, never met anyone like him! Do you know for the five days leading up to the wedding he sent Caitlyn a bouquet of flowers every single day. (You will see a great photo of them below).

Caitlyn and Ashley you may remember live in Braintree, I did a pre wedding photo shoot with them some weeks ago. Ashley’s parents live in Gosfield (very close to me) and it’s in their beautiful gardens that they held their wedding reception in a fantastic wedding marquee. The wedding ceremony itself was also held in the village at St Catherine’s Church.

Beautiful bride


Wedding dress and details

The day started photographing the bridal prep, at Caitlyn and Ashley’s house in Braintree. It was here I met up with Caitlyn, her maid of honour Tamara, and her bridesmaids Zoe, Jenny and Kirsten also present were her mum and dad. A pretty full house and there was a real buzz of excitement (and girlie laughter) going on.

Whilst here we captured some great detail shots of the dress, shoes. Flowers and jewellery but also some wonderful window light portraits of Caitlyn…. and well actually of everyone else as well.

Beautiful wedding flowers

Caitlyn and Ashley spent a lot of time planning their wedding and paid attention to all the detail, in fact they booked me some 18 – 20 months in advance. They also chose what should have been a beautiful sunny day in the middle of July. However what they could not have foreseen was the wettest English summer on record. It rained for days and days before the wedding and it rained on the big day itself, so badly in fact that the marquee in the garden was flooded out and on the morning of the wedding Ashley, his dad and others spent hour moving everything out and arranging for the floor to be relayed.

wedding photography in the rain

They did a great job though and were still down at the church in plenty of time. In fact when I met up with Ashley his best man, John and ushers, Phil, Adam and Mat they looked very smart, very dapper indeed and we captured some great shots as they escorted guests back and forth under an army of black umbrellas.

Groom best man and users battle the rain

Caitlyn arrived with her dad and looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, much to the delight of all the family and friends who had come to witness this long awaited and very special occasion. She was joined here not only by her bridesmaids but also her delightful flower girl Chloe and her page boy Aiden (what a character he is).

wedding at Gosfield church


Wedding ceremony

Gosfield church is of course my local church, it’s a beautiful building and I love to photograph weddings here. It was also special to watch our local vicar Sue Cruz take the ceremony.

Bride and groom showered in confetti at Gosfield church


Gorgeous bide looks out from the wedding car


Wedding breakfast guests enjoy themselves

The whole day ran very smoothly and everyone clearly had a wonderful time, the wedding breakfast looked fantastic and the speeches were entertaining, amusing and at times hilarious especially when the best man produced a whole series of photos of Ashley from what appeared to be a previous life.

Wedding speeches


Bride and groom cut the wedding cake


Romantic bride and groom

The first dance was also a wonderful mix of romance and fun especially in the knowledge that Caitlyn danced it all (brilliantly) in her purple wellies!

Bride and groom enjoy the first dance

What a fantastic couple Caitlyn and Ashley are, it was truly a pleasure to photograph their wedding and I wish them both lots of luck and happiness and a long and loving life together.

Thank You

If you are planning a Gosfield wedding or an Essex wedding then please contact me now to discuss your plans.

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The wedding of Emma & Liam from Witham in Essex

About two years ago I photographed the wedding of Emma’s friends Ashlea and Chris at Gosfield Hall. When Ashlea showed Emma her album she absolutely loved it and vowed if she ever got married she was going to book me as her photographer. (Which when I heard about it gave me a lovely warm glow inside ah!)

Well anyway, two years later Emma and her boyfriend Liam decided to get married and…. hey you guessed it they booked me to photograph the wedding.

Emma and Liam are a real down to earth ‘Essex’ couple who live in Witham with their two lovely children. They got married at St Andrews Church in Hatfield Peveral and then went on to the Rivenhall Hotel for their reception.

Bridal preparation

On the big day itself Emma and her bridesmaids got ready at Emma’s mum and dads house which is also in Witham, it was there that I joined them. There was a real buzz going on, a hive of activity, with people doing hair, people doing make up, lots of chat and laughter and… coffee (yeah!).

Whilst they busied themselves I wondered around the house and got lots of nice detail shots of the wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, children’s clothes, shoes, jewellery and the flowers, which were gorgeous.

It was also a great opportunity to take some photos of everyone getting ready and some portraits of the bride.

The brides dress and flowers

From there I then went on to the Church where I met up with Liam together with his best man Kane and the ushers, Ronnie, Declan and Louis. I think it’s fair to say Liam was feeling a little bit nervous but there was a good sense of humour amongst them all and his friends were definitely helping to keep him calm.

The groom at St Andrews Church Hatfield Peveral


The bride arrives at the church

The bridal party arrived at the church in style, in two stretched limousines beholding a display of beautiful white and pink dresses, Emma’s dress was gorgeous and she looked absolutely amazing.

Wedding ceremony_wedding photography Witham

It was a very traditional ceremony which ran very smoothly and Emma and Liam were both brilliant. Everyone was very keen to congratulate the happy couple and shower them in confetti once we got outside and after a few formal group shots it was on to the Rivenhall Hotel for drinks and reception.

Witham wedding photography


Bride and groom outside St Andrews Church


Essex wedding photography


Confetti shot


The bride with her friends


Bride and groom cutting the cake

The rest of the day was very relaxed and great fun, it ran like a dream, reception drinks, wedding breakfast, speeches, chatting with friends and family, playing with the children and of course the first dance.

The first dance

Emma and Liam were a lovely couple and great fun to work with. We captured some wonderful photographs and they went on to order a Graphi album which they were delighted with, Emma in fact absolutely loves it.

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Training with Denton Photography

In my last blog post portrait photography with Nikki (part 1) I told you about the excellent few days I had spent training with John and Liz Denton at their studios near Beverley in East Yorkshire. Well, Nikki was our model for the first day, on the second day we photographed Caroline Spalding, a wee Scottish lass with a lovely Scottish accent.

The training was focused on lighting and posing two extremely important elements in creating exciting, impactive, quality photographs, indeed without light there would be no photograph at all.

John certainly has a keen eye for seeing the light and for teaching others to see and use it creatively. We worked on a number of different set ups throughout the day, using pockets of light in open doorways, using portable lighting and blending it with the ambient light in outdoor scenarios and working with a number of different lighting set ups in a studio environment, all the time posing Caroline sympathetically with her outfit and the particular lighting style.

To finish the day off we took a trip in to Hull (Ooo er! exciting! never been there before!) and again created some fascinating images making creative use of lighting from the power station and from the city lights.

As before I got so many great shots that I have decided to divide them up over a number of blog posts. These are a selection of photos of Caroline, there will be more to follow.

I love the photo’s in the red and white spotted dress, taken with ring flash in the studio.

Special thanks to John Denton and Caroline Spalding

portrait of a pretty woman


Dynamic portrait

Dramatic portrait


Dramatic portrait


Dark and moody portrait


Dramatic & moody portrait of Caroline


Fashion portrait


Fashion portrait


Stylish fashion


Red dress fashion photo


Gorgeous woman posing in a red dress


Photo of a stunning woman in a red dress


Close up portrait


Modern arty style portrait

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Training with Denton Photography

I recently spent a few days training with photographer John Denton and his wife Liz at their studios near Beverley in East Yorkshire. What an excellent weekend it was, the Saturday and Sunday were both full days of shooting with two different models booked by John and on the Monday was an excellent and informative / interactive input from with Liz on the business and marketing and more importantly branding side of the photography business.

The studio’s is situated on a farm in a beautiful rural part of the county it has access to a traditional indoor studio but also has a plethora of shooting locations / opportunities around the farm itself.

The training was on a one to one basis and so was tailored directly to my needs, I was specifically looking to develop the areas of lighting and posing and as it was we worked on a multitude of scenarios, including daylight, studio, indoor, outdoors and night time.

I got so many great shots over the two days that I have decided to divide them up over a number of blog posts.

These shots are from the first day and include the first images of our model Nikki, there will be more to follow.


 natural light portrait

Model Photography

Stunning portrait

Creative model photography

model photography creative lighting

Stunning model photography

Beautiful girl standing by a a gate

Beautifully lit model portrait

stuning portrait

Beautifully lit female portrait


Nikki an amazing portrait

Gorgeous low key portrait

Beautiful low ket portrait of a young woman

Amazing eye contact from a beautiful young woman

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Caitlyn and Ashley live in the lovely town of Braintree here in North Essex, however Ashley works in the delightful nearby village of Gosfield and it’s here that we decided to do our pre wedding photo shoot. If you follow my blog then you will know I always speak highly of Gosfield, and if you follow my blog then you will also know the reason why – it’s because I live here!

Gosfield has so many great features and makes an ideal location for a pre wedding photo shoot. It has fields, a nature reserve, ponds, houses with pink walls, blue doors, playing fields, a sports pavilion and to top it all Ashley’s dad has a garden which is absolutely bursting with beautiful, colourful flowers.

Pre wedding shoot in Gosfield

Cait & Ashley photo shoot in Gosfield north Essex

The photo shoot was a great opportunity for the three of us to get to know each other before their wedding which was to be at St Catherine’s Church, which also happens to be in Gosfield, later in the year. Although it was quite windy the sun was shining and it was a glorious day.

Happy couple so obviously in love

Black & white photograph of the bride & groom to be

Caitlyn and Ashley are such a lovely and loving couple; it really was great to work with them. Although they were both a bit self-conscious at first, they were also very willing and enthusiastic and totally immersed themselves in the photo session.

Happy together portrait of bride and groom to be


Engagement photography on the streets of Gosfield

We managed to photograph in a number of different locations and included some portraits against brightly painted walls, a romantic stroll across the playing fields and a rehersal of their first dance.

They both fully enjoyed the shoot and were absolutely delighted with the photos. It was also pretty obvious that they had benefited greatly from the pre wedding photo shoot, they became increasingly relaxed and more natural as the afternoon went on and it was clearly a huge help for the big day itself.

Portrait of a bride to be

Young and in love

Pre wedding shoot_loving couple walk in the park


If you are planning to get married and would like to discuss your wedding photography then please do not hesitate to contact me on 01787 474923 or via the contact form.

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It was a real pleasure for me to photograph the wedding of Jane and Keir at the wonderful venues of Maison Talbooth and La Talbooth both only a short distance from each other in the picturesque village of Dedham in North Essex very close to the Suffolk border. Both delightful buildings and both fantastic venues for beautiful wedding photography.

Jane and keir live in Lowestoft in Suffolk but I had met them at La Talbooth a couple of months earlier to for a pre wedding photo shoot. That went really well and we got some fantastic images, but the weather had been absolutely awful, it had rained incessantly and I was hoping things would be better for the big day itself.

Wedding at Maison Talbooth Dedham in Essex - bridal details


Bridal preparation, Maison Talboooth wedding

Photographs of the brides beautiful wedding dress

Luckily it was, although we had some rain it didn’t really interfere with any of the shots and it didn’t stop us going outside. I started the day by Photographing Jane together with her bridesmaid, (her sister Jenni), who were both busy, watching TV, drinking tea, eating biscuits and chatting away whilst getting ready at Milsoms Hotel, situated hallway between Maison Talbooth and La Talbooth. (I think they were trying to set a record for the total number of premises that could be used).

This was also a great opportunity to take some detail shots including photographing her wedding dress, jewellery, flowers and shoes.

Bride descends the stairs at Milsons

Bride leaving Milsons for the short journey to Maison Talbooth Deham Essex

I then went off to La Talbooth to meet up with Keir and his two sons, Brandon and Callum. Although I had met Keir before I had not met his sons so it was really nice to chat and get to know them. We got some excellent ‘boys’ photo’s around the lawns and building outside and then some really cool portraits in the rather grand interior. They were all a great bunch of lads, up for a laugh and very cool about having their photograph taken.

The Groom waits anxiously at Maison Talbooth with his two sons

The groom and his two sons looking very stylish at Maison Talbooth

I then returned to Milsoms to photograph Jane in her dress and also as she was leaving for the wedding ceremony.

It was only a small wedding, just close family and friends about twelve guests in total, but it was such a touching and moving ceremony, I know Keir is actually quite a tough guy but he was the first to shed a tear (or two)

Bride and groom enjoy time in the garden at Maison Talbooth

Following the ceremony, I photographed Jane & Keir in the beautiful gardens surrounding the Maison, there are some beautiful views there including views across the surrounding fields and views of St Marys Church at Stratford St Mary in nearby Suffolk.

Wedding at Maison Talbooth in dedham Essex

Bride and groom dance outside the Maison Talbooth

The rest of the day was brilliant and everything seemed to run very smoothly. We all went on to the La Maison where the gardens were even more beautiful than those at the Maison Talbooth and the lawns even more manicured. It was here that the guests enjoyed a celebratory drink and that we shot the formal group shots.

Jane and Keir were great fun to work with and throughout the day we got some beautiful shots. I particularly like the portraits taken of Jane in her wedding dress, the photos taken during the ceremony itself and the romantic shots of Jane and Keir together outside Maison Talbooth.

Wedding Photography Bride and groom at La Maison

Guests enjoy the gardens at La Talbooth Dedham

Bride and groom in the gardens of La Talbooth

If you are planning an Essex wedding or indeed a Suffolk wedding then please do contact me to discuss your plans.

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