Portrait Photography in Gosfield Essex

Justin is very much in to re-enactment and likes nothing better than the stale smell of sweat mixed with the acrid aroma of gunpowder whilst enduring a hard day on the battlefields of Essex. (He also enjoys a nice pint in the pub afterwards as well).

He is a member of the 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot Re-Enactment Society and a couple of weeks ago he donned his uniform, cleaned his rifle, polished his bayonet, filled his pipe and headed off into the countryside surrounding the north Essex village of Gosfield. I donned my warm jumper, and waterproof jacket, grabbed my camera and flashguns and we set off to complete a very ‘male’ portrait session.

It was cold and windy, which added greatly to the atmosphere and we were able to set up some brilliant shots, often to the bemused glances of passing walkers – one even stopped to take his own photographs.

If you would like to know more about the Regiment or re-enactment you can find it on the web site at, http://www.44theast-essex.com/


The 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot is a Living History and Re-Enactment Society that portrays the life of the regiment from the year 1800 to the battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Members re-create the lives of the soldiers, non-combatants and their camp followers during the Napoleonic Wars, in particular the Peninsular Campaign.

They are the 2nd Battalion, whose reputation for skill and courage throughout these European Wars was second to none – with particular mentions made of their service at the siege of Badajoz and the capture of the Eagle of the 62eme at Salamanca. The unit served with great distinction and suffered heavy casualties at Quatre Bras and Waterloo.

When you read through their site you will begin to appreciate, how the regiment has established a reputation as being one of the most committed, friendly and sought after groups in UK Re-Enactment.

Portrait Photography – photos of Justin

Male portrait - soldier marching over the hill

essex portrait photography - male portrait

male portrait - soldier in uniform

essex portrait photography - soldier fires his rifle

male portrait - soldier aiming his rifle

essex portrait and wedding photography - male soldier fires his rifle

close up of soldier firing his rifle

portrait of a soldier - 44th essex regiment of foot

portrait photograph of a soldier in gosfield essex

portrait photography essex - soldier resting next to a tree

wedding and portrait photography - soldier sits by a tree

soldier sits next to a tree and enjoys his pipe

male portrait - soldier enjoying a peaceful moment

soldier marched through the woods - male portrait photography

east essex regiment of foot - soldier with rifle

portrait of a soldier - gosfield essex wedding and portrait photography

essex regiment soldier poses in gosfield woods

portrait photograph - soldier poses in gosfield essex

fine portrait photography - soldier guards the woods

soldier poses on woodland trail
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Last Sunday I photographed the Sudbury Dramatic Society as they completed a dress rehearsal of their play “Separate Tables” The play will be on at The Quay Theatre in Sudbury between the 1st and 5th March 2011. Director Sue Clark gives a synopsis of the play below together with details of how to obtain tickets.

Separate Tables reveals the personal trials of a group of distinct people, all of whom reside at the Hotel Beauregard in Bournemouth, England. Major Pollock (Carl Duffy) is a garrulous man who speaks of nothing but his stellar war record. Sybil Railton-Bell (Lorna Hollister) the meek, introverted daughter of the high-handed Mrs. Railton-Bell (Lucy Foster), has developed a great affection for him, much to her mother’s displeasure. An article about Pollock surfaces in a newspaper, exposing him as a fraud, recently arrested for lewd behaviour in a movie theatre. Mrs. Railton-Bell holds a residents meeting to try and have him evicted. Though the others don’t approve of Pollock’s behaviour, she is the only one that wants to see him go. But she is a very forceful woman, and tells the hotel owner, Miss Cooper (Sarah Harvey-Wade), that she must ask him to leave. Meanwhile, Sybil becomes hysterical over her disillusionment.

Another tenant is writer John Malcolm (Joseph James). He is engaged to be married to Miss Cooper -until his estranged ex-wife, Ann Shankland (Belinda Hasler), arrives at the Hotel Beauregard. She is a beautiful, but vain and self-centered former fashion model. Ann says the reason she has come is to help John and make amends. Their marriage ended five years ago when her aloofness finally made him fly into a rage and attack her. He still mistrusts her, but she works her charm and soon has him at her feet again. Yet John can’t get over the past and feels Ann hasn’t changed. They have another fight and he runs out into the night.

In another area of the hotel, Sybil informs Pollock that everyone knows the truth about him. He confesses to her that he had indeed committed the “immoral act”, and invented the tales of “Major Pollock, war hero”, because he’s actually an intensely insecure person, like herself, afraid of “life, people and sex”. Sybil and Pollock are two timid people, yet they find comfort in each other’s company. When she’d first read the newspaper article, Sybil was disgusted, but her regard for him helps her overcome these feelings and realize that he is a good man. Meanwhile, Ann is truly sorry for everything that happened between she and John in the past. John returns the next morning, having regained composure since their fight the night before. They quickly realize that they’ll never be able to get over each other, and decide to give love another try. Miss Cooper tells Pollock that he needn’t leave if he does not want to. Sybil musters the courage to stand up to her domineering mother, and stands by Pollock, who realizes he’s found a kindred spirit in Sybil.


Tony sale Photography _ Photograph of the whole cast

actor and actress on stage

Essex photographer - photo of play Separate Tables

Theatrical photographer - actors on stage

Essex photography - actors on stage

Separate tables - Quay Theatre Sudbury

Photography Sudbury Suffolk - Quay Theatre

Commercial photography - actors on stage Quay Theatre

Actor on stage at the Quay Theatre Sudbury - theatrical photography

Actors on stage - suffolk photography

Separate tables - Terence Ratigan

Tony Sale Photography - actors on stage in Sudbury Suffolk

Photography in Sudbury - on stage at the Quay Theatre

A tense moment - actors on stage at the Quay Theatre Suffolk

Separate tables - a tense moment - actors at the Quay Theatre

Theatrical photographer - stage production in Sudbury Suffolk

Wedding Portrait and Commercial photography - stage production

Photograph of a stage production - Quay Theatre Sudbury in Suffolk
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Pre Wedding Photo Shoot in Halstead Essex

Later on this year I will be photographing the wedding of Gemma and Joe a really nice really cool couple living in Ipswich. In preparation for that and as part of my wedding photography services we recently completed a pre wedding photo shoot. This was a great opportunity for the three of to get to know each other and for them to feel relaxed in my company and more importantly in front of the camera.

We actually did the session last Saturday 5th February in the public gardens in the charming rural town of Halstead in north Essex. I don’t know if you remember that weekend but it was incredibly windy, it was quite cold and it was threatening rain. We did think about doing an inside studio shoot, but decided outside was best and that we should brave the elements.

I’m really pleased we did, it was great fun. The public gardens were actually quite sheltered so the wind was not too much of a problem. Gemma and Joe were totally relaxed (on the outside at least) and we had an excellent time moving around to different locations and capturing some terrific shots.

There wedding will be in St Andrews church in Halstead followed by a reception at Smeetham Hall Barn in Sudbury Suffolk, I’m very much looking forward to photographing the big day itself.



Gemma & Joe’s Pre Wedding Photo Shoot In Halstead (Selected images)

Young couple on pre wedding photography shoot

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Halstead

Pre wedding photo shoot Halstead in Essex

Young couple by tree in Halstead

Young couple on the swings - pre wedding photo shoot

Pre wedding photo shoot Halstead public gardens

Wedding photography Essex young couple pose in Halstead public gardens

Young couple in love

Pre wedding photography - young couple in love

Essex wedding photography young couple in Halstead public gardens

Engagement photography Halstead

Bride and groom to be

Photograph of bride to be

Photograph of groom to be

Couple in love - Essex wedding photography

Happy couple pre wedding photography
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If you follow my blog then you will know that that over the past year I have attended a number of wedding photography training courses run by Braintree photographer Jeff Turnbull, www.jeffturnbull.com. Jeff is an excellent photographer specialising in weddings and portraits but he also runs a number of different photography training courses, ranging from introduction to digital photography through to specialist courses in portrait and wedding photography. Like I said I have attended a number of these in the past, but recently I was flattered that Jeff asked me along to help out. He was running the first module of his wedding training, which included a shoot at ‘All Saints’ church in Rayne near Braintree in Essex.

There were about eight students altogether, who were a great lot. (I have to say I do enjoy the company and banter of other like mined photographers). The day itself was bitterly cold and without a doubt many of us began to feel it. The bride was brilliant though and she must have been made of tougher stuff than the rest of us, as she had on a flimsy wedding dress with bare arms and shoulders!

After the shoot at the church we returned to Jeff’s house for a very delicious lunch before moving on to bride and groom preparation shots, as well as detail shots and the cutting of the cake.

It was great for me to help out and assist others. A chance to use my training, knowledge and experience to help other who are venturing in to the business.

Braintree wedding - groom waiting in the church

Braintree wedding - bride waiting in the car

Photograph of bride sitting in the wedding car

Braintree Essex, bride and groom in wedding car

Wedding photography Braintree - bride and groom

Church wedding - Braintree Essex

Wedding photography - the bride in church

Church wedding - portrait of the bride and groom

Wedding photograph - a tender moment

Wedding - posing outside the church

Wedding photography - bride and groom outside Rayne church

Bride looking in a mirror

Beautiful bride checks her reflection in the mirror

Black and white portrait of the bride

Detailed photograph of the wedding dress

Wedding portrait of a stunning bride

Beautiful portrait of the bride

Wedding photography Braintree - gorgeous bride

Beautiful bride on her wedding day

Black and white bridal portrait

Portrait of the groom
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