The village of Gosfield is twinned with the lovely French town of Chouzé Sur Loire, which is set in the heart of the beautiful Loire valley.

In alternate years members of the Gosfield Twinning Association visit friends in France for a long weekend and then the following year members of the Chouzé Twinning Association will visit Gosfield. This year it’s time for Gosfield members to visit France. Twinning associations are all about making new friends, finding out more about other countries and appreciating cultural differences. They are also great fun and you don’t even need to speak another language, a desire to be open and friendly is all that is needed!

It is traditional when either Association visits the other that they present their hosts with a special gift. It was for this reason that I was contacted David Thompson, President of the Gosfield Twinning Associations, who asked me if it would be possible to produce a photograph that would somehow represent the village. Being a resident of Gosfield I was extremely pleased and excited to undertake this challenge and immediately began to discuss some of my ideas and options. It was quickly agreed that the final image should be a montage, with a photograph of members of the Twinning Association in the centre surrounded by landmarks and buildings that represent the village.

Gosfield, if you don’t know it, is a relatively small (population 1500), but beautiful village set in rural north Essex, but when it came down to it I was surprised at just how many landmarks there were to photograph. Infact it was not possible to comfortably fit them all into the picture!

Here are a few of the photographs, which I took along the way, together with the final image, which has now been printed and framed and presented to the village of Chouzé Sur Loire.

If you are interested in joining the Gosfield Twinning Association or would like to find out more information about it then contact the president, David Thompson on 01787 472997.

If you would like to commission your own special village or town photograph, or indeed for any of your photographic needs then contact Tony Sale Photography on 01787 474923 or visit my main web site at

Gosfield Lake by Tony Sale Photography

Gosfield Lake

St Catharines Church Gosfield

St Catherine’s Church Gosfield

Gosfield Hall

Gosfield Hall

Gosfield Hall

The Green Man Public House – Gosfield

The Kings Head Public House – Gosfield
The Kings Head Public House – Gosfield

Members of the Gosfield Twinning Association
The final picture that was presented to the town of Chouzé-Sur-Loire

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Wedding Photography Great Yeldham in Essex.

I love being an Essex wedding photographer and here’s a reason why, I was very fortunate recently to photograph Heather & Pat’s wedding, this was a civil ceremony and both the ceremony and the reception took place at the White Hart Hotel a beautiful wedding venue at Great Yeldham in North Essex.

They were a fantastic couple and were great to work with, as were the four children and indeed all of their guests. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a good time.

It was a beautiful sunny day which added to the great atmosphere and people were able to enjoy a nice relaxing drink out in the gardens. It was really good for me too, as the last couple of weddings I have been involved with the weather has been awful and most of the photography done indoors, which is great but it’s nice to get out side too.

For those of you that attended the wedding or are friends of Heather or Pat, then ask them for the ‘code’ and you can then access all of the photographs in a private gallery on my main web site.


Heather & Pat’s White Hart Wedding.

wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_001 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Groom & His Best Man


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_002 Follow Me on Pinterest

Beautiful Bride


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_003 Follow Me on Pinterest

Page Boy & Flower Girl


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_004 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Wedding Ceremony


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_005 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Wedding Ceremony


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_006 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Exchange of Rings


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_007 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Wedding Ceremony


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_008 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Wedding Ceremony


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_009 Follow Me on Pinterest

Bridesmaid, Page Boys & Flower Girl


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_010 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Wedding Ceremony


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_011 Follow Me on Pinterest

The Bride & Groom Outside The White Hart


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_012 Follow Me on Pinterest

Bride & Groom With The Bride’s Girlfriends


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_013 Follow Me on Pinterest

Portrait Of The Bride


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_014 Follow Me on Pinterest

Children Having Fun at the Wedding Reception


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_015 Follow Me on Pinterest



wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_016 Follow Me on Pinterest

Bride & Her Friends


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_017 Follow Me on Pinterest

Wedding Guest


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_018 Follow Me on Pinterest

Wedding Guest


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_020 Follow Me on Pinterest

Bride & Groom


wedding-photography-white-hart-great-yeldham_021 Follow Me on Pinterest

Bride & Groom


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First Dance


Halstead Easter Pageant.

Hundreds of people gathered in the town of Halstead on Easter Saturday to witness the Easter pageant an annual event, which was revived last year after a short break.

The event, which was scripted by local resident, Cat Logan featured the five Stations of the Cross. Each station was acted out in a different part of the town as the procession moved from the library in Bridge Street, up the high street and on to St Andrews Church. There were at least 60 actors and helpers involved from five different churches, ‘Halstead’s Churches Together’. The event was extremely well attended and received tremendous support from the local and business community.

It was great to follow the event and to produce a photographic record for those involved. A number of the images were subsequently published by Newsquest Media Group.

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Halstead Easter Pageant

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Halstead Easter Pageant


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Halstead Easter Pageant


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Halstead Easter Pageant


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Pet Photography Halstead.

In one of my earlier blogs I introduced Bo, our new puppy, a cockapoo who came to us on the 27th December last year. In those photo’s she was very tiny and very very cute. Well three months on she is still very cute and although still small she has actually quadrupled in size.

She is also extremely active and full of mischief and fun. She races around with boundless energy and chews just about anything she can get hold of, including, shoes, bits of wood, books and anything else she can get hold of.

She is actually quite difficult to photograph because as soon as I point a camera at her she races up at a blurringly fast speed and sticks her nose on the lens. However here are a few I managed to get, see what you think:

A few More Images Of Cockapoo, Bo

cockapoo-essex_001 Follow Me on Pinterest cockapoo-essex_002 Follow Me on Pinterest cockapoo-essex_003 Follow Me on Pinterest cockapoo-essex_004 Follow Me on Pinterest cockapoo-essex_005 Follow Me on Pinterest cockapoo-essex_006 Follow Me on Pinterest cockapoo-essex_007 Follow Me on Pinterest cockapoo-essex_008 Follow Me on Pinterest cockapoo-essex_009 Follow Me on Pinterest cockapoo-essex_010 Follow Me on Pinterest cockapoo-essex_011 Follow Me on Pinterest