Apr 102017
Vicky & Rob's Witham Wedding

Vicky & Rob’s Silver End and Kelvedon Wedding. Back in December last year it was my pleasure to photograph the wedding of Vicky & Rob, the ceremony being at Silver End Congregational Church followed by a reception at Kelvedon Labour Club. They had first approached me a few months earlier about shooting their wedding and it was then that I learned that Vicky was a hair dresser and had styled the hair for a number

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Feb 282017
Gosfield Rock Star Wedding

Wedding at St Catherine’s Church Gosfield. Ok, it’s not really a rock star wedding in Gosfield, not even a boy band but whenever I look at this photo it just makes me think of a rock band. The guys just look so cool and natural one of them is even called ‘Bones’ sounds quite rock n roll to me. I can imagine this photo on their album cover. The wedding was that of Pauline & Jon

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Dec 302016
Essex Wedding at Gosfield Hall

Gosfield Hall Wedding. Why I like this image. Gosfield Hall is one of the finest wedding venues in Essex situated just a mile from my home in Gosfield. It’s a stunning Georgian manor house set in beautiful surrounds. Built around 1545 and was once the home to King Louis XVIII and his Queen Marie Josephine Louis of Savoy who had fled France to avoid the guillotine. Queen Victoria also once spent the night there. It’s

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Dec 162016
 Newland Hall Wedding - Nicola & Steve

Newland Hall Wedding Nicola & Steve   I was the wedding photographer for Nicola & Steve at their Newland Hall Wedding. Although a little cool it was a beautiful day at the Essex Country House Estate. I spent some time with Steve before the ceremony photographing him along with his best man and ushers. I then headed off to photograph Nicola as she arrived with her dad in the most amazing wedding car. I also managed

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Nov 022016
The Reid Rooms - Beautiful Bridesmaid.

Wedding Photography at The Reid Rooms. Why I Love This Image This is a photograph I took of Bobbi, a bridesmaid at her mums wedding back in August 2015. The Reid Rooms is such an amazing wedding venue, I have photographed there on many occasions, and it’s full of charm and character with lots of interesting places to photograph. This particular image was taken in many ways by chance, Bobbi had just walked down the

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Oct 082016
Sarah & Al's Wedding at Braintree Town Hall

 Essex Wedding Photography. It was actually about two years ago when I was the wedding photographer for Sarah & Al’s amazing Essex wedding. The wedding took place at the very beautiful Braintree Town Hall, which is fast becoming one of my favourite wedding venues. When I arrived I met up with Al to take some portrait photos using the beautiful natural light and the features of the wonderful central staircase. When Sarah arrived with her

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Aug 232016
Location Portraits Braintree.

Location Portraits Braintree with Jeff. This series of portraits were actually shot a couple of years back at Andrewsfield airfield near Great Dunmow. Jeff is actually a good friend of mine, a fellow photographer and a very keen cyclist, perhaps even more so now than he was then. He wanted some action shots of him with his bike, so off we set to have some fun. It’s great to take portrait photographs of someone whilst

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Jul 172016
St Mary's Church Bocking

St Mary’s Church Bocking – Image of the Week This is a photograph taken of Helen and Lee’s wedding a couple of years ago. They were married at St Mary Church in Bocking followed by a wedding reception at the Bocking Village Club. They were a really lovely couple, brilliant to work with. I remember it well, the wedding was in fact on the 11th of November at 4.00 pm in the afternoon and there

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Jun 172016
New Born Baby Photography

New born photography Photographing baby Jude Perhaps one of the best times to photograph new born babies is when they are five to ten days old in any event I prefer it to be within the first two weeks of birth. At this age, they are more likely to curl up in “womb-like” poses; they stay asleep longer, don’t mind being unclothed, and usually have their feeding schedules set to at least every two hours.

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May 212016
Wedding Balloons

“Life is like a balloon if you never let yourself go, you’ll never know how far you can rise” This is my latest offering in the image of the week category. It was taken at wedding last year in the north Essex village of Fyfield. There were a hundred red balloons in the church during the ceremony most of which were released outside afterwards. Some however were kept back to be taken on to the

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May 142016
Hampton Court Wedding Photography

Tasha & Karim’s Wedding at The Thames Motor Yacht Club. Ok I have to say upfront this was one of my all-time favourite weddings to photograph. It was also one where I felt a bit more under pressure to do a fantastic job, the reason? Tasha (Natasha) is my Goddaughter and her parents Kev & Julie are very good friends. In fact Kev and I have known each other for over thirty five years having

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